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Don't reinvest from the same address for 72 Hours. If you reinvest before 72 hours from the time of your last deposit, you will not get dividends for your last deposit. If you want to reinvest before 72 hours, you can deposit from a different ETH address.
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Guide: Metamask

Your dividends

Withdraw your profits frequently. By the end of 72 hours you would have earned 50% + your principal. If you reinvest, any unpaid dividends will be paid automatically to your address. If you want to reinvest before 72 hours, please use a different ETH address to deposit.
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Guide: Metamask

How does it work?

Fund the Ethereum smart contract with any amount > 0.01 ETH and get 50% dividends daily for 3 days!

Send a certain amount of Ethereum to the address of the smart contract

Our smart contract will remember your ETH address and the investment amount. Use Metamask with our website to invest and withdraw your dividends.

Every 24 hours you will get 50% of your deposit as your dividends for 3 days

That means you will get 50% of your investments daily for 3 days as long as the contract has ETH in it. The 50% percent dividend will be divided by 1440 and credited to your account every minute.

Withdraw your dividends anytime

Just click "Withdraw" button above and claim your dividends. Dividends are updated every minute automatically. You can withdraw them even every minute (but do not forget about the gas costs on the micro withdrawals).

What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit is 0.01 ETH. Multiple deposits from the same ETH address can be done only with a gap of 72 hours in between each deposit. If you reinvest before the completion of 72 hours, you will not receive the dividends for your previous deposit.

Smart contract

This is an investment project of a new generation based on the Ethereum smart contract. The smart contract is loaded into the Ethereum blockchain, verified and checked for the security. The contract code is open and available at The contract code can only do those functions that are inherent in it initially; it cannot be changed or deleted. This guarantees absolute transparency and honesty of the project. The creator cannot affect the work of the project in any way.

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5% Referral Commision

Get 5% of all the investments made from your affiliate link instantly! Payouts are credited daily in ETH.
Just authorize via Metamask and create your affiliate link below. Share your affiliate link and get your reward.
We keep referral cookies FOREVER. That means even if someone invest after several days of visit, you will get bounty anyway.

Commission: 5% of the attracted investments
Payouts: Instant
Min payout: 0.01 ETH

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Your referral commission

Available (confirmed)
Affiliate balance may take some time to update. Minimum balance to be paid: 0.01 ETH. Refresh


Frequently Asked Questions

No! You will lose your funds. Do not use exchanges. Use only your own personal wallet!

5% - dev fees and 95% for the payouts. If an affiliate has referred someone, 5% will be deducted from the 95% and paid as a commission to the affiliate.

Owner has nothing to do with it. Everything is handled by the Smart contract automatically. It works independent from anyone or anything. A copy of this website's source code is available on Github. You can download the source code and keep it with you as a backup. For any reason, if the website stops working, you can use the source code to interact with the smart contract using the GUI.


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